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Inspired by aromatherapy, Praana is a collection of exquisite lifestyle & wellness offerings from the heart. Exotically crafted range of natural skin & haircare products, aromatic vegan soy candles, and pure essential oils. They invoke bliss into your senses while inviting peace and harmony into your mind, body, and soul. Explore, Enjoy, Experience, or Gift these sensorial indulgences…


Sonal Kalra
Managing Editor & Business Head Lifestyle at Hindustan Times 

The products are fabulous. Simply fabulous. I feel distinct positive vibes around me.
The chakra candles bring in amazing energy. My favourite is the Lavender (Spirituality) one.

Tanya Singh.jpg

Tanya Singh
Reiki Healer  

Ever since I have tried my first Praana aroma massage oil and roll on,
I have become a huge fan!

I love your products for their sheer naturalness and beautiful aromas!

There are many ways to heal oneself, and I feel, the most natural and gentle ways are the safest. 

Being a Reiki Healer I am very much aware of the benefits of aromatherapy and I highly recommend your products to anyone who is keen to indulge in their well-being. 

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Kanikka Tandon
Make-up artist  

I have tried using massage oil and I highly recommend the product. It gives a very therapeutic and nourished feel to the skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a soothing aromatic scent of the product which stays on the skin which make your mind and body calm, relaxed and gives a wonderful feel for the entire day. Really loved the oil specifically rose and lavender.

Madhu Dubey.JPG

Madhu Dubey
Executive Director, India Convention Promotion Bureau, New Delhi & Former Regional Director, Australasia, Ministry of Tourism

Truly Premium Products. The oils are amazing. I loved all, specially Sandalwood. The authentic aroma is a testimony to the purity of the oils. The candles with their subtle aroma fill the room with positive energy that you can actually feel. Your special touch is clearly visible in the packing.

Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 5.49.48 PM.png

Rashmi Sarita
Executive Director,
FICCI Ladies Organisation, New Delhi 

The Praana products are very chic. The products are of premium quality be it the essential oil or the scented candles. They have the power to persuade you to transport yourself to another world.
I have personally used the products and I am not only a satisfied customer, I am a fan now.
The products are very well packed and make a fabulous gifting option.




 The Genesis

“Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift" ― Dante Alighieri, Inferno


Grounded at home by the pandemic-effected national lockdown in 2020, creative professional Peali Dutta Gupta, the entrepreneur behind PealiDezine, which provides creative solutions for print and online media, refused to feel low or restless. Instead, she put her energies into strengthening the reiki and pranic healing skills she had acquired more than fifteen years ago, learning more about other alternative healing therapies, and meditating on the changes she knew the world would have to make when the lockdown ended.

In the midst of her meditations, Peali received joyful news. One of the many young women she has made a habit of rescuing from poverty and stagnation had struck the ultimate blow for independence. A victim of domestic violence, the young woman, Meenu, had left the painful marriage that had kept her trapped and come to Peali, seeking a brighter future.

That was when Peali understood what her meditations had been leading her to: gifts of consciousness in the form of chakra-opening and strengthening aromatherapy. Meenu’s strength had lighted a candle in the darkness the young woman had seemed destined to inhabit. Peali knew now that her job was to light many more such candles.

With Meenu as her right hand woman and backed by her own experience as a reiki and pranic healing practitioner, Peali set about investigating the possibilities of spreading consciousness, inner strength and creativity via the seven aromas associated with the body’s seven energy chakras. Thus was born Praana – a store stocking little gifts of light, soul and consciousness.

Within a day of Praana’s opening, Peali and Meenu had to work to restock the store – almost all the aroma candles had sold out. Encouraged, Peali has now grown her plans for Praana from a small home entrepreneurship to a larger social entrepreneurship that will provide employment, healing and hope to more victims of domestic violence like Meenu, while spreading the light and fragrances that summon positive energies in the wider world.  


~ Induced with good intentions ~

Our Story

Peali Dutta Gupta

Founder & CEO

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Product Packaging Assistant


Shamik Kundu

Product Development Manager



Product Packaging Assistant


Karan Khanna

Head Operations





Peali's Praana

44E/9, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, +91 9560707702

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